Color Craze Goes International

Many of you are probably aware of the newest “color craze” and how adult coloring books have skyrocketed in the U.S. I see coloring books, specifically for adults, in book stores, airports, coffee shops, malls…they seem to be absolutely everywhere now.

Many people swear by this newest hobby as a way to relax, be creative, and de-stress themselves which is a great outlet! Coloring groups and clubs have formed, and many die-hard colorers love to share their finished work with each other over social media.

While adult coloring books don’t seem to be as popular yet in Spain, I’ve still found a number of coloring books for adults around Madrid. I even found some in the gift shop of La Reina Sophia. IMG_1477IMG_1479
IMG_0920Before coming to Spain, I published my own adult coloring book on Amazon. I was telling my former host mom about the project, and the whole concept was hilariously confusing for her. A coloring book? For adults? Maybe one day coloring books will capture Spain the way it has the U.S. and other countries. 🙂

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