Recording with KiteTeam

After teaching today in Villalba, my American voice came in handy in a completely different way by the time I got back to Madrid in the afternoon.

One of the CIEE leaders at our orientation also works for a video game localization company called KiteTeam. They are currently on the hunt for 100 Americans living in Madrid to record their voices in a dubbing studio for the speech recognition in an electronic device. I was sold within the first paragraph of the email offer, especially after taking a class in Lenguajes Audiovisuales.FullSizeRender (1) 

For 30 euros on the spot, we first had to fill out a consent form swearing we are from the US region we checked off on the list. The recording itself was very straight forward. The scripts were intended for two people, so my friend and I took turns reading “person 1” and “person 2” in five different scenarios (such as a store clerk helping a customer and a 911 call). We spoke into an iPhone with a special recording program, and read the script on an iPad/computer screen.IMG_1752 IMG_1754 


The entire process took about an hour because each of us had to record one sentence at a time, and leave an extra silent second at the end before hitting “save.” The KiteTeam employees were very welcoming and friendly, and their entire office gave off a very modern and youthful vibe!

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