Acuario de Sevilla

After a year in my study abroad city of Sevilla, I had pretty much seen every attraction the city had to offer. During my recent return to Sevilla, I was able to finally see their new aquarium that took about 8 years to complete!

I come from a fishing community with a beautiful aquarium, so being able to discover another region’s fishy friends was a treat! They have a number of beautiful species including a Giant Pacific Octopus, sea horses, an anaconda, piranas, lionfish, sharks, reptiles, sea turtles, and much more. They even have a “Noche con tiburones” or sleepover with sharks for kids like the Oregon Coast Aquarium. 

Overall, el Acuario de Sevilla is very well put together. We had a lot of fun exploring a change of pace from city life to aquatic life. DSCN2697 DSCN2707 DSCN2717 DSCN2726 DSCN2733 DSCN2743 DSCN2754 IMG_3320 DSCN2759 DSCN2783 DSCN2792 DSCN2796

Trying to get a selfie with a sea turtle is harder than it looks! 🙂 IMG_3338 IMG_3343 IMG_3351

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