Winter Wonderland: La Granja

For the first time ever, I finally got to see snow in Spain! Javi, his parents and I took a day trip to the province of Segovia where La Granja (or La Granja de San Ildefonso) is located. This quaint little town is in the Guadarrama mountains where we visited its baroque style Royal Palace of La Granja.

The inside of the palace was beautiful, full of marble and paintings, but the gardens outside were my favorite part. The fresh snow blanketing the ground and the trees was truly magical. The pictures don’t give the scenery justice, but at least you can get an idea of this wintery wonderland!DSCN4420 DSCN4480 DSCN4435 DSCN4438 DSCN4448 DSCN4456 DSCN4455 DSCN4463 DSCN4469 DSCN4474 DSCN4477 DSCN4478 DSCN4486

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