Hiking in Spain: Valle de la Barranca

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Yesterday Javi and I decided to escape the bustling city for some fresh Sierra de la Guadarrama mountain air. We took the 691 bus from Moncloa and traveled about an hour and a half north until our stop, Puerto de Navacerrada, near the top of the mountain.

From there, we walked about 13 km (8 miles) down the rocky paths until our feet and knees ached. Hiking in the Valle de la Barranca was surprisingly a popular destination for families as well as avid hikers. A few times we were fortunate enough to walk by ourselves and enjoy the solitude of nature with little grasshoppers skipping at our feet. 

I look forward to more nature excursions asap!dscn5905 dscn5917 dscn5923 dscn5925 dscn5922 dscn5926 dscn5934 dscn5946 dscn5962 dscn5966 dscn5968 dscn5974 dscn5982

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