Halloween at Cantos Altos

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Although Halloween isn’t traditionally celebrated in Spain, it’s becoming more popular with the influence of Americans and with globalization in general. You can find costumes and decorations in some stores, but it’s nowhere near the level of U.S. preparations. The other day I found specific pumpkins for Halloween in the grocery store:14954391_10202410898669814_1506494626_o

Since we are sharing our culture working in a bilingual school, Halloween is a fun holiday for assistants to share with the kids. Throughout the week first grade sang and danced to various Halloween-related songs such as Dem Bones or simply “The Skeleton Dance.” They LOVE it and if you are a language assistant reading this, it’s a great interactive video to have on hand in case you are also studying parts of the body. Other Halloween videos include 5 Little Pumpkins and Peppa Pig Fancy Dress Party.14881743_10202402259293835_1036251379_o

Decorating commenced the week of Halloween with door decorations, ghosts and witches hanging from the ceiling, and with pumpkin carving. In third grade we also tried to make spider webs by cutting folded trash bags in the same style as a snowflake with paper.14859569_10202402258573817_1460230374_o 14876347_10202402258653819_161496138_o 14924066_10202402258693820_1528696283_o 14924045_10202402258973827_1517773379_o

My first graders took turns coloring the door I drew for them and even colored the bat from my adult coloring book to hang in the hallway.14895692_10202402258133806_119429997_o 14881510_10202402258373812_1944318848_o 

The assistants were in charge of planning and prepping the Halloween festivities. We decorated the library and the salón de actos and I had fun making this pumpkin door:14859352_10202402259133831_1267228866_o 14881283_10202402259173832_193818591_o 14907820_10202410897549786_343851516_o

On the day of the party, the kids came class by class and participated in our activities: musical chairs, face painting, corn toss, and a pumpkin craft. Face painting was one of my activities and it was great fun decorating their faces and hands with spider webs, flowers, and fake blood to enhance their costumes.14894555_10202410896909770_423750076_o 14895468_10202410898069799_265354328_o 14875950_10202410897349781_13370098_o 14895617_10202410896789767_872206974_o 14895503_10202410897509785_556446211_o

The last few minutes of the day were spent dancing and running around the gym to expend all the children’s pent-up, candy influenced energy. The exhausted teachers were happy when Halloween Friday was finally over, but were rewarded with a four day weekend!14923910_10202410898389807_1000327492_o

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