Hiking in Spain: El Bosque

Every now and again, it’s so reviving to step into nature after months of living in a busy city with stuffy metros and crowds of people. During my most recent trip to Sevilla, Javi’s family and I went on a day trip to the province of Cádiz for a nice hike and some pueblo exploration. 

The late fall colors of the El Bosque hike made it feel like I almost wasn’t in Spain anymore. In fact, with all the moss growing everywhere it felt a lot like Oregon.

After the end of the hike and a small bite to eat, we hopped in the car again and headed to a small pueblo blanco (white town) called Ubrique. Nestled into the Serrania de Ronda Mountains, this little town gets its name from the retired bullfighter, Jesulín de Ubrique. The orange trees lining the streets and pastelerías on  every corner add to the charm of this little Andalusian gem.

Our last stop was another nearby pueblo blanco called Grazalema. The mountain views from this little town are stunning, and it was hard to believe that Grazalema is considered the rainiest place in Spain!

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