“Goods for the Good of This World”

I’m excited to announce that jewelry and accessory company, Mieroglyphs, invited me to be an affiliate! This Florida-based company specializes in cork-leather and canvas products that are all hand-crafted, vegan, and cruelty-free. “Goods for the good of this world” is the slogan they work by, and proudly sell items that inspire positivity and inspiration.

What does Mieroglyphs mean?

A word we created while studying the Ancient Egyptian’s formal writing system Hieroglyphs. Every Miero is your personal hieroglyph. It’s “my-roglyph.”

What is cork-leather?

Mieroglyphs’ cork-leather is a material derived from the natural shedding of oak tree bark. It’s soft and smooth, yet durable and eco-friendly. Even more, its just as ascetically pleasing as animal leather, without hurting any animals. Cork-leather is trendy and stylish, and make great gifts.

Why Mieroglyphs?

In addition to being eco-friendly, you can personalize your Mieroglyphs products with laser engraved quotes, goals, words of wisdom, or whatever you please! I liked the engraving which came on my bracelet of choice, “The unknown belongs to the curious mind.” The outside is a canvas mixture of blue, purple, and orange/brown.

Versatile accessories

Mieroglyphs bracelets come with either a hook or magnet clasp. My bracelet, Marfa, has a magnetic clasp which makes it easy for me to put on. With both the hook and magnet clasps, you can reverse your bracelet to show either the colored side or the quote side. A two-in-one deal!

Interested in Mieroglyphs? 

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