Salón des Fleurs: Madrid’s Most Elegant Tea House

I’ve recently discovered a hidden gem in Madrid called Salón des Fleurs: a gorgeous tea house overflowing with flowers and sweet scents. For those who know me, flowers are an immediate source of happiness so naturally, I’ve already gone three times! 

Besides serving unbelievably delicious teas, coffees, and cakes, Salón des Fleurs is also a flower shop with beautiful bouquets, delicate flower crowns, headbands, and more. Their merchandise includes tea, jams, chocolates and apparel.If you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Madrid, Salón des Fleurs is a perfect place to unwind, enjoy the flowers, and feel as though you were in someone’s elegant garden for the afternoon. 

Location: Guzmán del Bueno 106, Chamberí, Madrid, 28003

Hours: Monday-Friday 10-8, Saturday, Sunday 10-2

Metro: Islas Filipinas or Guzmán del Bueno

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