IMGP8867Hola amigos!

Bienvenidos to my little corner of the internet!

This is the second blog I’ve started to go with living in my second Spanish city, Madrid (you can read about my first year studying in Sevilla here: Mi Vida en Sevilla). Originally I am from Oregon, but my travels through my studies, programs, friends, and family have allowed me to call many beautiful places, home.

I studied Spanish at Elon University, (my senior year being in Sevilla), worked at a vet clinic, and am now returning to Spain to teach English in Madrid. Even though a translation career is my current long-term goal, teaching English abroad is not only a great opportunity but a needed and fulfilling position as well. My love for art and photography will hopefully help me along the way through this blog and in the classroom.

To me, the advice and inspiration I’ve come across through other travel and expat blogs are useful and captivating. I’ve learned a great deal from other people’s experiences, and each post has the potential to make you feel like the world is not as big as it may seem. I thoroughly enjoyed blogging throughout my year in Sevilla, and I hope this blog may be useful to someone someday too.

So with that said, welcome to Oregonian Overseas!

Un abrazo,