Expat Interviews Archive

Auxiliar Interview: Alex of Backpacking Brunette

Alex is an ESL teacher who worked as a language assistant in Spain and now lives in Mexico! She is a fellow VIPKID teacher who loves

English Teacher Interview: Brieh of Odd and Abroad

Brieh made travel a priority after graduation, before choosing a longterm career. Her decision led her to Thailand where she now teaches English! 1. Where are

Auxiliar Interview: Tamara

Tamara is a blogger and auxiliar living and working in Madrid, Spain! Read about her experiences on the Iberian Peninsula:  1. Where are you from?  I

English Teacher Interview: Ashley of Wanderdolls

Ashley is on a mission to escape the 9-5 lifestyle by freelancing, teaching, blogging, and traveling the world! Read about her experience teaching in South Korea: 

English Teacher Interview: Antoine of Two People in Spain

Antoine and Kanicia decided to move to Spain after their life in the U.S. became a bit too comfortable! Now, they teach English and run a

English Teacher Interview: Megan of This Hippie Voyage

Megan wanted to make a difference in the world after graduation and decided that teaching English was the answer! Read about her experience living and working

English Teacher Interview: Sasha of Grateful Gypsies

Sasha is a travel blogger and English teacher who spent some time teaching in Beijing! Now he works for VIPKID, travels, and writes Grateful Gypsies with his wife,

English Teacher Interview: Rachel of Grateful Gypsies

Rachel taught English in China and now travels the world while working for VIPKID! She and her husband, Sasha, write a travel blog called Grateful Gypsies.

English Teacher Interview: Kayla of Never-ending Fernweh

Kayla is a blogger and English teacher living and working in Thailand! Read about her experience:  1. Where are you from? I’m from Youngstown, Ohio. 2.

English Teaching Interview: Katie & Ben of Two Wandering Soles

Katie and Ben are world travelers and travel bloggers who have also had the opportunity to teach abroad in South Korea. Read about their experience teaching

Auxiliar Interview: Lindsey Z.

Lindsey is a second year auxiliar de conversación and blogger based in Andalucía. Read about her experiences working and living on the Iberian Peninsula!  1. Where

English Teacher Interview: Tia of Just Her Carryon

Tia taught English abroad during part of her time in the Air Force and now works for a nonprofit along with running a travel blog! Read