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Auxiliar Interview: Tamara

Tamara is a blogger and auxiliar living and working in Madrid, Spain! Read about her experiences on the Iberian Peninsula:  1. Where are you from?  I

Tour of a Spanish Supermarket

Shopping in a Spanish supermarket (or supermercado) is a feast for the senses! Smelling fresh seafood, picking up a warm baguette, admiring the beautiful colors of

How to Get Your Coffee Fix in Spain

¿Quieres tomar un café? Or literally, Do you want to “take“ a coffee? “Taking” or having a coffee in Spain is a daily ritual and a

Auxiliar Interview: Lindsey Z.

Lindsey is a second year auxiliar de conversación and blogger based in Andalucía. Read about her experiences working and living on the Iberian Peninsula!  1. Where

Salón des Fleurs: Madrid’s Most Elegant Tea House

I’ve recently discovered a hidden gem in Madrid called Salón des Fleurs: a gorgeous tea house overflowing with flowers and sweet scents. For those who know me, flowers

Alcalá de Henares: The City of Cervantes

Spring is fast approaching in Madrid as the weather is quickly heating up and the flowers are blooming! I absolutely love spring and all the photo

How to Tutor Unmotivated High School Students

Last year was my first year as a language assistant (or auxiliar) in Madrid, Spain. I was assigned an elementary school and worked primarily with first

Escher in Madrid

An exciting exhibition has come to Madrid! From now until June 25, 2017, you can see 200 of MC Escher’s works including drawings, woodcuts, tessellations, and more.

Auxiliar Interview: Trevor of A Texan in Spain

Trevor is a former auxiliar de conversación and blogger with three years of experience working in Spain. Here are his thoughts from living abroad: 1. Where

8 YouTube Videos to Use with Young Students

This is my second year working with 1st and 2nd graders and for many of them, learning a second language isn’t easy. The students I work

Things I’m Still Not Used to in Spain

Even though I’ve lived in Spain for three years now (not consecutively), there are a number of Spanish/European norms I still have issues adapting to. Many

How to Be Successful in Private Tutoring

Upon starting your work as a language assistant, you will undoubtably be bombarded with job offers from parents who would like their children to have extra