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Is VIPKID Right for You?

VIPKID has revolutionized the world of ESL with its one-on-one, flipped classroom English lessons for Chinese children ages 4-12. At only five years old, VIPKID has

Teaching a VIPKID Class

I’m now into my seventh month of teaching English online with Chinese company, VIPKID. It’s been one of the most rewarding, convenient and unique jobs I’ve

The Students of VIPKID (first 100 days)

In May of this year, I was hired to teach English with VIPKID: a company located thousands of miles away in Beijing, China. VIPKID is an online

Online Teaching With VIPKID

In this rapidly developing digital age, I’ve seen a huge influx of ads promoting online work in the hopes that applicants take the bait for a better

How to Tutor Unmotivated High School Students

Last year was my first year as a language assistant (or auxiliar) in Madrid, Spain. I was assigned an elementary school and worked primarily with first

8 YouTube Videos to Use with Young Students

This is my second year working with 1st and 2nd graders and for many of them, learning a second language isn’t easy. The students I work

How to Be Successful in Private Tutoring

Upon starting your work as a language assistant, you will undoubtably be bombarded with job offers from parents who would like their children to have extra

Halloween at Cantos Altos

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Although Halloween isn’t traditionally celebrated in Spain, it’s becoming more popular with the influence of Americans and with globalization in general.

Pros and Cons: Studying Abroad vs. Working Abroad

After two years of being abroad for different reasons, I have a few perspectives of some of the pros and cons of both studying and working

English: British vs. American

This year wasn’t only an English education for my students, it was also an English education for me! British English that is. Students learning English in

A Day in the Life of a Language Assistant

Even though it’s a bit late in the year to be writing this, I thought I’d share what one of my days looks like as a

How to Understand Your Spanish Students

Some auxiliares/assistants come to Spain not knowing a word of Spanish before entering the lovable chaos of a Spanish classroom. We’re here to help teach English